Date list was created or modified

I have a list didn’t note the date in the list.
Revisiting it now.
When was it made?

must be some marker for that in the backup file perhaps

how to determine the date list created?

right there on top of the stack
pls delete post

Hi Paul,

While it may not tell you when the list was created, “sd” will show the details of creation of the items in the list… hope that helps.



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Hi Paul, welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, we don’t track list creation date yet, but as @jim said, you can see when list items were created/updated with ‘sd’.

Is there a way to see creation date (of a list item), even after a list item has been updated/completed? Sometimes I’d like to see when I originally added something, rather than when it was last updated.


Hi @ross,

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. Please consider voting for



just decided to update this topic with the current state. List item creation date and sorting/filtering with it is available for some time now: “Created at” - a new search, sort, and filter attribute - Checkvist


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