Date Formatting Options (ISO) for CTRL+; shortcut?

I love the addition of CTRL+; shortcut to enter the current date. What are the chances there will be an option to choose date format? I’d prefer ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD).


Doesn’t work for me, I’m on Windows. What does it do?

We’ve tried to use the format used in other places in Checkvist (for instance, when ‘sd’ task details are shown). We don’t want to add a setting only for Ctrl+;, probably a general date format on profile page would be more appropriate.

What do you think?

Hmm. It should insert today’s date, and should work on Windows. But probably there is a bug related to different keyboard layouts? Which layout do you have?


It works, I misread and I thought it was CTRL+. but it’s CTRL+; - thanks :slight_smile:

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I think that’s a great idea! I didn’t even think of ‘sd’ or other places a date might appear. But, yes, having a single setting, that affects all locations where dates appear, would be fantastic!

Hi @ross, please check the added setting at page and how it works. Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Thank you! That was quick! :+1:

I gave it a run through and found a couple items:

  1. MMM, DD, YYYY format
  • Setting shows “Aug, 18, 2020” (two commas and eight days ahead*)
  • Display shows “Aug 10, 2020.” (one comma, correct date, and has a trailing period)

  1. YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Setting shows “2020-08-18” (eight days ahead of today*)
  • Display shows “2020-07-10.” (date is one month behind today and has a trailing period)

I find myself entering the date and having to go back to delete the trailing period (not sure if it’s there intentionally or not, but I’d vote for removing the period).

*The date displayed in the Profile Settings page doesn’t really matter since it’s just for example purposes, but I noticed it, so I thought I’d mention it just in case it wasn’t that way intentionally.

  1. I’m not sure if other locations in Checkvist were part of this test/update, but I did notice that ‘sd’ doesn’t honor the date format setting. If other date locations will be done later (intentionally or as you find them) that’s perfectly okay by me since I was mostly looking for the CTRL+; option.

  2. Another random bit, related to the Profile Settings page: it might be beneficial to have the ‘Save All’ button, at the very bottom of the page, say ‘Save All CSS Customization’ just so it’s clear what that button is saving. (that might just be a ‘me’ issue because the program I work in every day has some pages that auto-save and others where you have to scroll down to hit save and then remember to hit save again on the next page or you’ll lose what you just did)

    Not an issue, just a note for other users - if you have a list open in another tab, you may have to refresh that list, after changing the date Settings, before the change will takes effect / be available on that open list.

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Thanks a lot for your comments!
1,2 - fixed
3 - we use this format when full date, including year, is shown. There are not many places for this, but still. Usually we show only month and day, and in these cases, the format is not used.
4. The button Save All also saves logo if it was specified. So the wording about CSS is a bit incorrect. But I understand the confusion, we have to improve UI in this place.

Thanks a lot again!

Thanks @maxkir! The date setting looks/functions great now.
And thank you for clarifying the other items.

Keep up the fantastic work! It’s much appreciated.

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Thanks a lot, @ross! This change will be included into the next production update.

This is a useful feature. (Mostly, I’m using a keyboard macro program for inserting dates in any program, but that’s not on every machine.) My problem is that the shortcut does not work on a German keyboard layout: ; is accessed using Shift + , . Adding Ctrl does nothing. Or am I missing something? (Please list the shortcut on the help page, i. e. when pressing ?.)

Hello @Ralf

On German keyboard, this is Ctrl ö (the same where where ; on US keyboard).

Looks like we have to find out how to show the shortcut with regard to the current keyboard layout. Hope will manage that.


I’ve tried „by position“ before, and again after your reply, but it doesn’t do anything when the German keyboard layout is active. If I switch to English layout, then it works, of course.

Better would be to stick with Ctrl ;, which is Ctrl Shift , on a German keyboard, because that’s consistent with the Excel shortcut.

Hmm. I don’t have a German keyboard at the moment, I just enabled German keyboard layout on the Mac and it worked by position. Are you on Windows?