Cvcap 'bookmarks' (capture to places other than a default list)

I’ve mentioned cvcap (GitHub - crispinb/cvcap: A minimal commandline capture tool for Checkvist) in earlier threads - but just to recap it’s a minimal commandline tool for Checkvist I made primarily for my own use. It’s a quick way to add tasks to Checkvist from the terminal.

Anyway it has a new feature that might be handy for anyone who is using it - bookmarks. Normally cvcap adds to the top of a default list (specified during setup, but it can be changed later). Bookmarks don’t change that, but they add a facility to also add tasks to other preset Checkvist locations.

To add a bookmark, firstly copy a Checkvist url to the clipboard. This can either be a list (navigate to a list in your browser, and copy the url), or a task (find the task you want as a ‘parent’ task for your bookmark and pick the Checkvist command ‘copy permalink’ from the shift-shift popup, or use the keyboard shortcut lc).

With that url on the clipboard, it can now be added as a cvcap bookmark with the command cvcap add-bookmark [bookmark-name-of-your-choice]. cvcap reads the url, checks that it’s valid, if so adding the bookmark to its config. This can then be used as the location for adding a new task with the command cvcap add [task content] -b [bookmark-name].

The default location of tasks added with a plain cvcap add [task content] is unaffected by this.

As an aside, I have for now stopped adding new prebuilt binaries to the releases on the cvcap github repo. They have proved troublesome to debug when they go wrong (and they always go wrong). AFAIK no-one is using them, and I suspect anyone likely to use cvcap will be comfortable with installing the Rust toolchain and using cargo install.

If I’m wrong about that, and anyone is relying on the availability of the binaries, let me know here (or log an issue in the repo) & I’ll see if I can disinter the automated build and/or advise on installing using cargo.