"cvcap" - a cli capture tool for Checkvist

I’ve released a Checkvist-related app, cvcap, to GitHub - crispinb/cvcap: A minimal commandline capture tool for Checkvist. It’s just a simple app to capture text tasks to a default Checkvist list from the commandline.

There are builds for linux & windows (32 & 64 bit) at Release Initial (very alpha) release for feedback · crispinb/cvcap · GitHub. At some stage I expect to put a MacOS build up there (I don’t have a mac available so I need to set up a MacOS VM which was a bit painful last time I tried it) (MacOS plan abandoned for now)

On first run you’ll be asked to log in with a Checkvist username and API key (obtained from your Checkvist Profile page). cvcap doesn’t store these login details, but to avoid having to log in every use, it does keep a login token in the OS’s credential store (accessible only to your OS login & you can delete it at any time).

This is a simple little tool I made for my own use (& as a learning project for a language I’m new to). I don’t expect to add a great deal to it in the way of polish or features (beyond a few things listed in the README), but I’ll try to keep it maintained. Feel free to log issues at Issues · crispinb/cvcap · GitHub


For anyone interested, I’ve uploaded a new build. It has one new feature - the ability to add a task from the clipboard (cvcap add -c). Text-only for now.

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v0.1.2 is released with support for piping a task from stdin (eg. cat some_file.txt | cvcap add -s)

I’ve added a new release with a few minor features (more colourised output, a logout command and a -q option for scripting use).

Next up will be a MacOS release (Intel only as yet). That will make cvcap more-or-less feature complete for my purposes, so I’ll move on to supplementing the Checkvist API client library it uses. I have further plans for that.

@maxkir I wondered if it might be a tad spammy to update this thread with new builds? Let me know if so & I’ll desist.

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As for me this is perfectly fine. Thanks for your work, I hope you have fun along the way :slight_smile:

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I like to learn at least a smattering of a new language every year or two, and this is my ‘learning Rust’ project. It so happens I’ve wanted this particular app for a while. There would definitely have been much quicker/easier ways to build it than learning Rust, so it’s just as well there is a pleasurable aspect :wink:

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I’ve added an experimental MacOS build to an otherwised unchanged release. It’s Intel-only as yet, so it’s useful for pre-M1/M2 macs, or for anyone already using a Rosetta terminal.

I don’t have an actual mac handy to test on, so would be interested in feedback from anyone willing to try it out - here or the github issues page if you’re comfortable with that.

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