Custom priority colors problem with

With the latest update, my custom priority colors works fine in mobile safari (iOS 11) but once I use the “Add to Home Screen” within Mobile Safari and launch the resulting “app” the colors are back to the default ones… Any reason why that would be the case? I tried a few times to “Add to Home Screen” from Safari, just in case it would fix it but no luck.

That’s strange, we’ll take a look what could be the problem there. Thanks for letting us know!

Hello @xBergade,

I’ve tried to reproduce the problem (on an older iOS, 10), but even there custom priority colors work.

One thing is that if one changes priority colors on desktop, they have to close/re-open app on iOS for new colors to be picked up.

Could you probably send the debug logs from the app to us so we could get a clue what’s going on?


I’ve noticed that eventually (after a couple of hours? after launching the app a few times?) the colors go back to the custom ones… So I’m happy now :slight_smile:

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