Custom CSS is not applied to shared lists


as it seems custom CSS is not applied to shared lists, so you can only share your content, but not how you styled it. Is that intentional?

(If this is somehow to prevent circumventing the PRO-only restriction, IMO there is no reason not to apply custom CSS at least to read-only shared lists.)


Hello Soremo,

Your suggestion is quite correct, I don’t recall why it does not work the way you describe it. In any case, I’ve added this request to UserVoice, hope to fix it soon:

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Hello @soremo,

In my tests, it looks like CSS customization is applied to the public lists. Could you give some more details - when it does not work?


Hi @maxkir,

I just checked again.

I have a shared list with the id 771682. In my settings I saved the following custom CSS (one general rule, and one rule specific to the list):

#tasks_block {
  font-family: monospace;

#list_771682 {
  color: green;

The result looks like this:

The shared list has the public URL If I open that URL while being logged in to Checkvist, the custom CSS is applied and the list looks just the same as above. However, if I open that URL in a private/guest browser window or after having logged out, the list looks like this:

So, yes, the custom CSS is applied to shared lists, but only for me, not for someone I share the list with - at least if (s)he has no Checkvist account or isn’t logged in (I don’t know, and cannot find out, what the list looks like for someone who has a Checkvist account and is logged in, but did not set the same custom CSS).

I hope this clarifies the issue.


Aha, now I see. Could you please check would it work on - I hope I’ve fixed the problem there.


I’ve opened the shared list in and obtained the public URL Unfortunately, if I open this URL in a private browser window or after having logged out from Checkvist, the custom CSS (which works when I open the list while being logged in) is not applied to the list, as the list is displayed in standard black letters (instead of green monospace letters). I suppose you can confirm this by yourself by following the above link.

Thanks for looking into this!

Sorry, looks like it was a caching issue. I’ve reset caches on beta and it should be working now, the text is green for me :slight_smile:


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I can confirm that it works now. So my issue is fixed. Thank you!

Even though Checkvist is awesome already, it’s still getting better!

All the best,