Creative ways of using Checkvist

Hi All! I’m new to Checkvist, only 2 days left in my Pro trial and then I have to make a decision. :slight_smile: I’m curious to know some different & creative ways others are using Checkvist besides simple list making & task tracking. One example for me is, I created a list for ALL my bookmarks & links - both personal & work related. So instead of using browser bookmarks and trying to find a reliable way to sync them across multiple browsers and computers, Checkvist to the rescue. It works perfectly, and I’m able to use / to search the list, find the link I want by typing a few letters, and then type ‘gg’ to open that link in a new tab. I’ve set my Links list as the home page for all my browsers and the it’s the default page that comes up when I click the home button.

What other creative ideas are out there?

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BTW, another great thing about using Checkvist this way for links/bookmarks is that I can simply do CTRL-A, CTRL-C and then CTRL-V into a plain text file to easily backup my links or transfer them to another tool such as a wiki. Or simply to copy & paste a few links into an email for a co-worker. The copy/past implementation in Checkvist is BRILLIANT! :clap:

@MaudMan Thanks a lot for the kind words! We paid attention to copy/paste in/out of Checkvist, really glad you like it :slight_smile:

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It’s seldom “simple list-making & task tracking.” Maybe in the first 10 minutes of a new list. :wink: Since you mention copy/paste, I will continue with that.

One of the more frequent use cases involves “paste in,” “work on it,” “copy out.” The “work on it” part involves Checkvist’s powerful way of working with hierarchical structures (organizing, sorting, moving around, filtering, …).

A concrete example from last Friday: I had an inventory of particular items per department (not something you would find in a usual inventory). I exported the inventory list from a configuration file with a different tool. The question was, which departments had an instance of a particular kind of item. The list was not very long, but long enough to be awkward for a manual search. A filter in Checkvist, with all the irrelevant departments and items hidden, immediately showed the answer compactly.