“Created at” - a new search, sort, and filter attribute

Hello, friends.

Happy and productive 2022 to all of us! Let’s start :muscle:

Created time

Created is a new attribute you can use to search, filter, and sort list items.

Type created: into the search field to filter the list.
Press Enter twice to search by created time throughout all lists.

To see the created time, press sd or select ‘Show details’ in the Options menu.

When a list item has been changed since creation, the ‘details’ line shows the time of the last update. Hover the details line it to see the creation time in a pop-up window.

Search and filter by date

Now you can filter and search by a specific date when a list item was created, updated, or by the due date. The search syntax is the same, like

changed: 2022-01-02 or created: Jan 02

The suggested completion syntax depends on the time format you’ve selected on the settings page.

Open API

You can use the new created time attribute through Checkvist’s open API, too.

Fixes and improvements

As always - thanks to all who shares their ideas and feedback and supports the development.

Onwards! :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Thank you for everything!

Always great to be able to search & filter with more parameters.

On that note, is there any way we could get a “none” option for the “assignee:” search/filter?

Hello Josh,

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

We’ve added it to the list of search/filter improvements, in the meantime, could you explain when do you need it?


Like @Josh, I also appreciate a richer set of search/filter attributes. Thanks.

I’m using a shared list with my staff so that we can collaborate & hand off tasks at work, so it’d be helpful to search/filter tasks that have yet to be assigned.

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