Create a task via the API - support for priority?

I’m just playing around with the API and successfully managed to create a task. The API documentation doesn’t mention the handling of priorities with tasks and using task[priority] does not work either.

Is setting priorities on task really not supported by the API at the moment?


You’re right, we haven’t implemented a nice API for priority. You can try to mimic priority change requests from the HTTP request made by the official UI, but it is a bit cryptic and might change in the future. What is the application/client you’re working on?


Thanks for the quick answer. I just use it for myself to send new tasks to various list from scripts. Currently I use Integromat (instead of Zapier) to emit the HTTP request. Since the creation of tasks works fine priority is not that important.

When reading the API docs I was just wondering if it is really missing (since nearly all other task attributes are supported) or if just the docs were incomplete.

Thanks, I see. So the answer is that it is missing, no mistake in the docs but the lack of the actual API.

Hope to fix it one day :slight_smile: