Couldn't attach 14MB ZIP

I tried two different times to make an entry and attach a .zip. It went through the motions, uploaded the file, but after it was done, there was no obvious sign that the attachment was there. No complaint from the software. I repeated this and got the same behavior. I am wondering if others can attach .zip files to entries in Checkvist.

If I recall correctly, the file size limit is 10MB

I think 20MB. I say that because it was over 20MB, and Checkvist complained. I removed some of the content to bring it down to 14MB, and it accepted the file and gave me an upload progress bar, as you see normally when attaching ffiles. But then when completed, the dialog ended, but there were no obvious icons indicating an attachment.

Anyway thanks.

Hello guys, sorry, it was our bug.

Now fixed, so files up to 20Mb can be uploaded, just tested it.

Kind regards,

Confirmed, it works. Thank you.