Copy node ignores content of collapsed subnodes

I am not sure if this is a bug or “works as intended” but it was rather nasty surprise for me. Content of nodes that are collapsed don’t get copied. I searched the documentation but I haven’t found anything about whether it should behave like that or not.

My scenario is that I often use checkvist to write down meeting notes, taking advantage of collapsing expanding points as needed. Then if the notes are important, I just copy/paste it in email for people present. It happened to me already few times that parts were missing because of this, so now I have to check everything first before copying it whether it is not collapsed. My expectation would be that collapsed/expanded state does not change the content so the result of ‘copy’ should be the same.

Hello @Kenedy,

The “Copy” into the clipboard by design copies only what is shown on screen.

If you always want to copy all nodes, use export to RTF ( ex keyboard shortcut or search for ‘export’ in Shift+Shift command window).

Hope this helps,

I know about the export. I do prefer the copy formatting style over the RTF though as it is more compact. Export is treating first level of nodes as not being bullets and this alternating between paragraph and bullets creates a lot of vertical spacing quickly. That is good for some use cases but less preferable for mine. I am sure there is some solution for that (some postprocessing, custom markdown stylesheet etc.) but the beauty of the ctrl+c is its simplicity.

Anyway, thanks for answer. I like the checkvist overall, I just felt like this might have been a bug or oversight as I haven’t seen a reason for this behaviour.

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Just in case, there is a shortcut to expand the whole current branch. Ctrl Alt . or again, with Shift Shift and look for “expand branch”

Might be useful before Ctrl+C in your scenario.


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