Convert from Trello to CheckVist?

I have an old Trello board I’d like to bring in to CheckVist. Trello seems to export only to JSON; CheckVist imports only OPML; and I can’t find a converter that works. Is there any solution?

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Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any existing solutions which would allow converting of Trello JSON to Checkvist OPML. Checkvist can import data from Workflowy/Dynalist, but those are outliners, so data structure in them is similar to Checkvist’s.

So far I’ve added this request to UserVoice here: Import/convert from Trello to Checkvist – Checkvist issues, bugs, features

This request would be much more important if Checkvist would have a real Kanban board view, but it is not, yet. And probably due to this lack of board support I don’t recall anyone asking for such conversion before.

Sorry, not much help here.

P.S. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Did you try this Chrome extension? I don‘t know it myself, but it looks as if it could provide what you are looking for.

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Thanks, Kiril. Fortunately, this is not a critical problem - it would like to consolidate one or two old Trello boards into CheckVist, which has become the central coordinating tool for all my activities, but it’s not essential.

Soremo’s suggestion - the TrelloExport extension - sort of works: it didn’t bring over the Trello comments, but it may be good enough.


Thanks, Soremo! That doesn’t completely work - it doesn’t bring over the Trello Comments - but it may be good enough for what I need. I appreciate the help.

Charles Heckscher

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