Consistent URLs for lists, without a slug

Depending on whether I navigate to a list or a task within a list, Checkvist uses a different URL for the list:

  • is used when navigating to the list itself, whether from the homepage, with ll, when linking to a list with [[my list]].
  •, with an added slug based on the list title, is used when navigating to a task within a list, whether from the due page, from a link to a task with [[my task]], and so on.

This bothers me because I often use the browser’s built-in ability to search in the browsing history when typing in the location bar, this to quickly navigate to different parts of my Checkvist database. I find this technique quite efficient, however it is somewhat hampered by every page having possibly two entries in the history, one with and one without the slug.

So I would prefer to have only one URL format used consistently. As far as which format should be used, AFAIK, slugging is an SEO technique which most likely makes sense for a public website, but maybe not so much for a private Checkvist database. So I’d prefer the format that doesn’t have the slug. Also not having the slug makes URLs shorter and of a similar length when pasting them in playing the text files, like in code comments.

Now, maybe the slugs have some value to people who are making public lists? In which case, slugs could always be added to public list and never added for private list? What are your thoughts on this?


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Hello Alex,

Your suggestions are quite reasonable. I’ll try to make fixes regarding this and see how it works.

Will follow-up on this,

Thanks a lot,

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Hello again, please try it out, should be fixed on



Awesome; works like a charm!

I am not sure if this is something you changed recently, but I also appreciate that on beta, if you open a list, focus inside a list item (Shift →), and then focus back to the root (Shift ←), you don’t end up with a URL with an orphan #, i.e. that isn’t followed by anything, so you end up on the same URL you started with.

Little details for sure, but they go to show the care you put into this; so, thank you!

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Hi @avernet ,

Thanks for testing this! Yes, this # sign was removed as a part of the URL fix, it annoyed me, too.

Glad it works and thank you for suggestion.


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