Consider not having an image for chat apps to find

When I paste into google chat, the default behavior puts a big bicycle picture in our chat. I wish this would not happen. I’d like to be able to, e.g., paste 5 links in a row without having to delete the bicycle from each (and of course, not fill our chat scrollback with bicycles).

Hello @drewp,

Will try to figure something out. There is no “official” solution from Google, AFAIK, but I’ll try to avoid adding the picture when there is some target URL for redirection.

Will let you know,

Unfortunately I could not fine a clean correct solution, but I’ve implemented a workaround for several cases when a link is shared. Hope it will be less annoying now :slight_smile:


I see the new pic. Big improvement- thanks!

Hmm, I expected there won’t be any pics for the links like /cvt/NNN
Or there is another URL you use?

Sorry, I just meant the icon:

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