Confusion while working with repeating tasks


I decided to try repeating tasks and got confused a little.

  1. I created a daily task starting today. but it doesn’t appear in Due page under Today. only tomorrow. shouldn’t “starting today” mean that task should be completed today as well.

  2. I had a task due Today. then I added repeating. daily as well. then I completed it (for today). and:

  • this task now is absent under Tomorrow.
  • if I open “Repeating tasks” page, the this task is present and it says: “task title” Repeats daily, next due: Thu, Jul 30. so it’s skipping tomorrow.
  • if I do dr for this task, then the dialog shows me: Next due: tomorrow, 30 July, 31 July. so nearest due is different from previous case.

could you please tell me what is expected behaviour in these cases?

thank you :slight_smile:


When you complete a repeating task, it will assign the new due date not immediately, but within an hour after the completion (unless you use “Re-open” option below). Repeating tasks are processed each hour.

Cannot reproduce this :(. In my case it shows completed repeating task with due “today”.

That’s by design. Daily repeating due tasks started today have the first due date for tomorrow. If you want to have first due today, just mark the task with ‘td’.