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Hi, I have a task that is set up to repeat once a week and generated 2 days before the due date. If I complete the task before the due date, I find that the task will reappear in my task list, which is annoying. Am I using checkvist incorrectly? I can’t tell if this is expected behavior or a bug.

I have another task that I want to complete once a month and I give myself a 5-day window to complete it (so I have it generated 5 days before the due date). The same thing - I complete the task 4 days before it’s due, and the task will reappear in my list.

I agree that the behaviour is unexpected in your case. The question is how to distinguish a task which was completed ‘in advance’ a couple of days before its due and the one which was completed a month ago.
In Checkvist, there is only one task, we actually don’t generate another copy of the task but re-open an existing one.
What could help in your case is setting the task to repeat from “Actual completion date” instead of due date.

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Hi, I see what you’re saying. Perhaps if you’re already keeping track of when the task was last completed, and it was within the regeneration timeframe (like the 5-day window in my example), then don’t regenerate? If you’re not keeping track of completed timestamps, then that might get tricky.


The matter is that regeneration timeframe is an optional parameter and it won’t solve the problem in the general case. But it could be a workaround. Could you please file a request for this enhancement to

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