Checkvist Partner program

Following a mild yet consistent interest in Checkvist partnership program, we want to give it a try.

The conditions are here

Obviously, we are not going to build a business empire with these partnerships. Just wanted to support those who help us spread the word about Checkvist, and their followers.

Any feedback? Interest, maybe? Ideas or suggestions?


I think it is good to have this option. CV has so much potential - but it needs as much marketing as it can get.
As I saw you mention somewhere else, it is not that easy to sell - one of the reasons is because it is first of all a “power tool” (the keyboard-centric design) - or should I say a swiss knife. Not coming with a sexy visual intuitive UI and no native apps (yet, at least).
The more ambassadors you can get, the better.

The current layout does not seem to be encouraging people to “think big”, though.
It seems to be mostly geared towards the guy who fell in love with it and you acknowledge him for recommending it to his closest friends. This is a good start of course - and FAR better than nothing.
But the incentive (other than the love for the product, and the mutual benefit if the CV team gets lots of users and income for more development) reduces drastically after the first round of referrals.
After the person gets his one free license, what next?
The real incentive (and common way to do affiliate programs) would be to give a cut of the subscription fee for each. First of all it is scalable income, and second of all it is incentive to sell it good enough so that people keep their subscriptions. (Perhaps even follow up with them or do a “tips and tricks” blog to serve them in that niche / area of use that he is into with CV).

The co-marketing is also a good idea (I saw the example with the e-book). But the real potential for such an e-book is not the direct sales of it - but what other income he can generate on the back-end.

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Hello Don,

Thanks a lot for your thoughts! The Partner program is a beginning in this direction, we’ll see what could come next. We’ve started this because we already had some customers who were interested in participating, and as you say, I think this is a good start :slight_smile:
As for true affiliate program - we may add it in the future as well, quite possible.

Thanks again,