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Hello friends,

I have some more news regarding the development of linking in Checkvist, available on beta.

Some time ago we’ve added recognition of links to list items, so if you copy a link with lc and insert it into the list, Checkvist shows the text of the linked item:

In the last beta update, Checkvist started tracking such links. I.e. if a list item is referenced in such a way, you can see “Backlinks” section for the referenced item:

This is a work in progress, but I think it is interesting enough to show this work to our community and hear the feedback.

Backlinks work for newly added/edited list items with links. If you already use multiple links and want them re-indexed, please send an e-mail to with your account.

Would you find this feature useful? How would you use it in your lists?

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Hello ! Thanks for the update, appreciated.

Nevertheless I would like to ask if the vote gathered on this page are still relevant in order to more or less set priorities in Checkvist future developpement ?

To me the recent updates with Sync to google Calender, or even this one with the link are really nice !.. BUT it really seems like to me that some other “Must have” features aren’t still on the roadmap despite having collected several votes.

I think especially about the mobile version of Checkvist, which is great… BUT not really functional since really basic function like :

Use grab-bars at right to move items; use long press to open a context menu.

Move items to other lists

Nowaday, having a strong and reliable outliner also means having one on which we can rely on the go, and not only comfortably installed at the office in front of the PC with a cup of coffee.

Especially since only the mobile version could run “offline”, this should me (in my opinion) fully functional in order to be able to save time in the plane, on the got to work etc.

Thank you in advance for considering this though.

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Hello Girard,

Thanks for the comments!

First of all, the Uservoice requests and votes are very much important for our understanding of Checkvist’s weak points. At the same time, there are other considerations - time and effort needed for a particular feature and its place in the Checkvist’s vision.

Checkvist’s main idea is productivity and efficiency via keyboard-centric design. Without the keyboard, Checkvist will turn into a yet another to-do app - or we need to come up with a new gesture-based app concept, which might bring a full-stop to the desktop version development.

We have to choose and to correct our plans all the time. Your and community feedback is important, but it’s not the only criterium.

Speaking of links, the current iteration might seem quite modest, but it’s the first step to one of our top-voted requests. With this, Checkvist will let you create new, cross-list types of structures, quickly, conveniently, and via keyboard.

All of that does not mean we’re not going to develop the mobile version further, just that we have a different focus at the current moment.

Thanks a lot again for your comments,