Checkvist Backup

Is there a preferred way to backup checkvist? I know we export an individual node (and subnodes), but is there a way to backup checkvist and all attachments? I think this would be a great/important feature to have.

Hello James,

Checkvist PRO support automated backup to Dropbox, or there is an option to do manual backup.


It would be great if the backup to Dropbox could work similarly to the “Automatic daily backup” from Checkvist itself by creating a new file for each date & not just replacing the old file with a new version, since access to the Dropbox version history is limited for some users.

Hello Josh,

Sorry for the delayed answer. As far as I understand Dropbox provides 30 days for history for the files for all plans, correct? That’s why we haven’t implemented explicit versioning on the first place.

Please elaborate a bit :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi @maxkir,

Since Checkvist itself already provides 30 days of history, this ends up turning the Dropbox backup into more of a sync.

I needed to audit changes from farther back on a list but could not do so because of the above, though I ended up working around this limitation (at least for future situations) by enabling the “instant change notifications” and just not deleting those emails.

Thank you!