Checklist doesn't work in Firefox 119 and up. Worked great in 118

Checkvist hangs with error “Loading page…” on Firefox 119 release, 120 developer edition and 121nightly. Worked great in Firefox 118.

Public checklist that reproduces the problem is here: Blog this - outlined in Checkvist


Hello Roland,

The problem is not with the Firefox - it is related to the content of this particular list. Looks like while fixing one of existing bugs we introduced a new one. We will have to investigate, hope to provide the solution soon, and will let you know.

Sorry for the problem,

Hello again, Roland,

The problem should be fixed now. We’ve rolled back our previous fix, will have to find another solution. But now your list should open fine, just don’t forget to force-refresh the page.

Kind regards,

Thank you KIR!!! yay! love checklist, I need to make that list smaller, I am thinking of doing a yearly one or a monthly list instead! You can close this thread if you want now! I would close it if I had the privileges!

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