Change keyboard shortcut for task completion

  • The current task completion keyboard shortcut is “spacebar”
  • With space bar being SUCH a common key I end up closing tasks many times inadvertently not even knowing they are closed because I have “hide completed items” on to reduce noise on my todo list. I never figure out until much later or sometimes never
  • The indicator that tells me I have closed a task is small and easily lost
  • Can I instead change the keyboard shortcut for task completion to something like “Ctrl+” instead


Unfortunately, Checkvist does not have keyboard customization yet, here is the corresponding request to vote for:

But I’m afraid we don’t have close plans to implement it.

You may enable progress counter on your list to track number of completed tasks. You can also enable e-mail change notifications in the list to track what you have changed. You can also enable backup to ensure you don’t loose data. Sorry, but looks like these are the only options I can think of for now.

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