Change in mouse click behaviour

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We’re testing a change on how clicking on links work in Checkvist. The idea is that if someone clicks on a link inside an item, we set the selection on this item instead of following the link. If the selection is already set, the link is opened.

This change prevents annoyance when Checkvist opens another page instead of setting selection on the item after a click (which could be hard to recover - press back, see where the selection was before etc.)

The same applies for other things like clicking on a tag to filter by tag. I.e. the idea is to avoid loosing context when it may be not expected.

What do you think about the change?

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I like this!

And it seems to be live already at

Best part is not accidentally focusing on a task (or have the page refresh if it was a sub-task) when inadvertently clicking on the time.

That happens to me constantly since I keep “sd” enabled & use Checkvist on the Edge sidebar, which unfortunately doesn’t give me as much space to not click on a link when selecting a task.

I use Checkvist as my bookmark manager, and it sounds like this behavior would add an extra click to open links. Hence I prefer the current streamlined/efficient behavior where a single click opens a link.
I can’t think of a time when I accidentally clicked on a link when I meant to select an item. When I want to select an item that has a link, I click near the link in empty space (usually to the right of the link). This works just fine.

Using the middle button of the mouse you can still open links in a new tab with just one click, if the behavior I see in Beta is correct.

This solves a problem I’ve long had.

Double-clicking to “open” is a familiar gesture.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

We’ve added an option to the settings for the bookmark manager case, it sounds quite legit. But by default we’ll use “click to select” approach.

The exact wording for the option will probably be different, have to work on it a bit more:

It is already on

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