Capturing action items in a task manager

I used Checkvist a couple of years ago, and I’m trying it again. I’ve had an obsessive relationship with task tracking applications. I get excited about one app, but always wish for features offered in another app… if you know what I mean.

One thing that has drawn me back to Checkvist is that it FEELS like I’m more ready to add details when I insert a task, that the layout and ease of entry tends to encourage me to say MORE, like even brainstorming a bit on a solution for a challenge, when I type in a task. And I don’t have that experience as much with other task management tools.

I’d love to hear from others if you’ve had a similar experience, or anything else about why you prefer Checkvist to other apps.


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The mind is always looking for better. But there comes a time when this is more about procrastination.

For me, CheckVist is also a knowledge base and this aspect is more important to me than tasks. The fact that I can do both in one app is ideal.

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I have tried so many, but always ended up flitting around to something else after a few weeks.
Checkvist has managed to retain me for several years now. It’s really the one for me.

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