Can't update time for Notification Reminder for all lists (main setting)

Under the main Notifications settings page:

There is a pull down dialog to set the daily reminders time. When I change it it appears changed but if you do a hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) it is not updated. Also it doesn’t send the next day’s email at the new time.

I tried this on both Firefox & Chrome.

On the page it looks like:
“Send me daily reminders at: [some time] my local time.”

Anyone else have this issue? Or is it only me.

Hello @ham,

Sorry for the problem - this bug is a consequence of our recent server update.
We will fix it ASAP and will let you know.

Thanks a lot for writing us about it!

Hello again,

The problem has been fixed, thank you again :slight_smile:


I tested and it worked. THANKS!
Love Checkvist.