Can't remove or delete a tag

Howdy! First of all, you guys are AWESOME. I love Checkvist!

Today, though, I’m having a small problem. I noticed an errant tag in my lists called “homepage,” with one occurrence. However, when I click on the tag to show the instances of it, I get an error message and a blank page. Images below.

This isn’t a huge problem in any way. But I’m a tiny bit of a control freak so having this dangling ghost tag around makes my brain itch. Any ideas? Thanks again for your awesome app! -Natalie

You can have a try:

  1. Unfocus the list or just click the Checkvist logo on the top-right corner next to search bar.
  2. Click the Tags on the top-right to open tags list.
  3. click the homepage tag to see where it uses.

Or just input #homepage in the search bar, and press Enter twice.

If you have done all these method, maybe this is a issue.

Thanks for your help, @wenmin92! Yep, I’ve tried all those things and it seems to be a weird bug. I would simply delete the tagged task but I can’t find it, LOL!

Problem solved. I unarchived the list that the tagged task was associated with and then I deleted the entire list. When I went back in after that I was able to delete the ghost tag. Thanks for helping me think outside the box!

You can find the reason, really happy for you.:tada:

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Looks like it was a case with enabled ‘hide completed’ mode in the list. And when a completed task is focused, we don’t show it :-o. Bug of ours, will fix.


The problem should be fixed at, going to update production the next week.


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