Can't put a pipe symbol in a table

Good morning

I think there’s a bug when trying to actually display a pipe symbol in a table.

If you look down at the bottom of the GFM table reference it says you can include a pipe symbol in a table by backslash escaping the pipe.

This is the example from GFM,

| Name     | Character |
| ---      | ---       |
| Backtick | `         |
| Pipe     | \|        |

and it works here in Discourse,

Name Character
Backtick `
Pipe |

but it doesn’t work in Checkvist:
image image

I found this trying to make a table of REGEX strings I often use and one of them had a few pipe symbols in it.

I just tried putting a back tick in the table cell, so that the REGEX string would be interpreted as code, but that didn’t help.

Other markdown in other table cells seems to work. I was able to italicize and I was able to back tick simple strings (including folder paths that contained a forward slash). But as soon as you try to include a pipe as a visual character in the table cell it all breaks down!

Sorry for the problem. Looks like this is a bug in a javascript library we use (remarkable). Will try to fix this weekend and let you know.


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Please check how it works on, should be fixed there.

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Yes, it is! Thank you.

But only the basic usage. If I try to enclose the line with pipes between back ticks then it doesn’t work! I’ve tried a few variations when enclosing the string in back ticks. There’s no problem with italic and bold though (one or two underscores or asterisks).

image image

The Remarkable Demo seems to suffer from the same bug although Remarkable issue #115 and Remarkable issue #56 imply that is fixed!?

Good point, you’re right, the fix was not complete. The issues you mentioned were not integrated into Remarkable as they were not quite valid (they require presence of space around |, and this is not a part of the GFM spec).

Anyway, I hope I’ve fixed the issue in Checkvist, please check it again :slight_smile:

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Yes you have! Thank you!!!

image image

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Good afternoon

Any idea when this fix will be pushed to production and not just in the beta?



I hope we’ll release this at the end of the next week. This fix was not a single one and could not be easily cherry-picked to production, and now there are quite some additional changes which should be tested (think custom priority colors).


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Hi, pipes in markdown are finally on .

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