Can't add a link to a youtube video to a task


  • Select a task
  • Open notes (nn)
  • Insert a link to a youtube video. E.g.
  • A dialog opens: “Embed the YouTube video?” with two options
  • Select any option (both don’t work)

Actual behavior: dialog closes, no link to the video.
Expected behavior: notes contain the link.


  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Browser: Chrome 92.0.4515.107, Firefox 90.0, no ad blockers
  • Noticed for the first time on 01.09.21
  • See no errors in Console:
2021-08-01T18:27:36.211Z  Update cached tree 
2021-08-01T18:27:36.452Z  Start editing add_comment_text_50098856 
2021-08-01T18:27:36.453Z  Create completer on add_comment_text_50098856 
2021-08-01T18:27:36.459Z  Start textarea support, enforced height 0; scroll height: 23; line_height: 18; height: 25 
2021-08-01T18:27:38.935Z  Stop editing on blur 
2021-08-01T18:27:38.936Z  Stopping editing for add_comment_text_50098856, data saved: false 
2021-08-01T18:27:38.936Z  Dispose completer on add_comment_text_50098856 
2021-08-01T18:27:38.937Z  Dispose textarea support

Thanks a lot! Should be fixed now. Great timing - we were about to announce the feature :slight_smile:


Confirm it as fixed.

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