Can I undo a move of a whole list? If so how?

I was moving a number of lists into a single list, all OK except one list hasn’t appeared in the new list. Probably a typing error but, is there any way I can get the original list back? Ctrl Z doesn’t do it.
Not the end of the world but it would save me some time.

Hello Chris,

Sorry for the problem. One thing is to check “restore deleted” command in the original list - it might work.

Another is to try searching by the missing task name in the global search - the task may appear somewhere you did not expect.
If all of this does not help, please send us the name/text of the missing list/task by e-mail and we will try to find the missing data in the database.

I’d appreciate if you share the details of what you’ve done. If the problem can be repeated, we’d like to know and to fix it.

Sorry again,