Can I show only an item with link?

When I copy a node link and open it in other browser, checkvist shows parent node and all of brother nodes.
But If the node has child nodes, checkvist shows only the node.
Most of other outliners show only the selected node with the link.
Is there way to show only selected node?

Hello @jy_hyun ,

Are you asking about showing only the selected node without parents when there are no sub-nodes? You can always use Shift+Right to focus on the selected node, even if there are no sub-nodes.


Yes. I can use shift-right.
But I’d like to show only selected node without unnecessary nodes including parent or brother nodes when I click the permalink from other node or document.

Hi @jy_hyun ,

I’m afraid, there is no an explicit option to create such a link. An obvious workaround is to add one or several sub-tasks to the linked item.