Bug? Priorities not sticking

Hi Kir and Sasha!

Lately I’ve been having trouble getting my priorities to stick. It happens with all priority levels, but it seems worse with levels 4-9. Usually, they’ll go away within a few minutes, but there have been times when it takes a bit longer (maybe an hour) for them to toggle off.

Is this a cache problem on my part? I’m sure it’s something that I’m doing wrong…

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Natalie ,

Sorry for the problem. Recently we’ve been told about a similar issue when the change of priorities did not stick. But we believe we’ve fixed it about a week ago, both on beta and on production sites.

If this happens the next time, could you please send us a link to the item/task where this happened? We’ll try to dig into the logs.

Kind regards,

Hello again,

The problem should be fixed now on the production site and will be fixed in 15 minutes on beta, too.

Hope this time the fix is final :slight_smile:


Very cool. I haven’t seen it happen today. I’ll keep you posted if it starts up again. Thank you!!

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