BUG: Completed tasks + recurring tasks are not updating on the GD page


I used to think for a long time that I was doing something wrong in this software. But once I knew what I was doing, I began to suspect that the software was faulty. I only used the Checkvist software because it was reliable. But these two errors are unacceptable to me. Thus, my trust has been lost.

**BUG 01**
In the list, I completed the task. I marked the completed task as done. I marked it done by pressing the SPACE key. An hour later, I checked the GD page. The task is still not marked as completed on the GD page. I repeated this process. Two hours later, the task was still not marked as completed on the GD page. In fact, none of the tasks were marked as completed. The GD page shows that the task is not done.

**BUG 02**
Checkvist handles recurring tasks very poorly. It does not display the repetitions. And when it does, it displays recurring tasks disorderly. Checkvist handled recurring tasks so poorly that I ended up doing extra work because of Checkvist’s flaws. I had to put everything together for import from Google Sheets. So I always questioned why I should bother importing into Checkvist when I could work in Google Sheets from now on.

Both errors have been present on the BETA and NORMAL websites for a long time.

Two major bugs!

Please, fix these two bugs. Because this way, the GD page displays inaccurate information. Thus, the GD page should be avoided.


I don’t know if anyone fixed these bugs or not, but both bugs have been resolved. Everything works under both the BETA and NORMAL domains.

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