Bold Bug? If I try to bold an item, it shows the surrounding asterisks, but doesn't bold. Same for heading, italics, etc

I’m using ‘mh’ and ‘bb’ to try to make list items headers, or bold, and while the characters are showing up, like ‘**’ or ‘##’, the effect isn’t actually showing up. Also, I looked in the options. I enabled ‘Enable Markdown on this list’, and I’ve enabled ‘Enable Markdown by default’. Neither of these worked, and also, I’m still having the same issue with both optioned disabled.

What am I doing wrong here? How can I get my bold back :’(

Hello @sbooyah,

Sorry for the troubles. For ** bold style to work, the option “Enable markdown in this list” must be enabled.

Could you please double-check that after enabling the option and refreshing the page, the problem remains?

If the problem persists, please let me know the ID of the list and give me permission to take a look at your data.