Beta Testing - Command Finder shortcut


Just accidentally stumbled across the new command finder on the beta site.

I must say that Shift+Shift is not the perfect shortcut to invoke this, as I seem to keep running into it and inadvertently invoking it too often. (typically when I am using Shift to select text in the list)

Would highly recommend to change the short cut identifier, or atleast disable the invocation when I am not in edit mode.


Hi @saurabhg9, thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely improve this new feature. We’ll keep the shortcut it but will make sure it works reliably.


I didn’t use the beta, but double shift is something I am used to (IntelliJ). It works excellent there, so I am confident that with a little tweaking, it will also work with Checkvist.

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Okay, I didn’t know that. If double shift is a common used shortcut in other applications for this feature, then I agree that we should keep it for consistency - with some tweaks of course so that it works perfect.

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