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Seems to be a problem with the beta site right now:

Content does reappear while the command palette is displayed, and disappears again when it’s dismissed.

Prod site is fine :wink:

Hello @crispinb ,

“Works fine on my machine” :wink:

May I take a look into your account? Is the problem on a particular list page or on the index page?


It’s happening in all lists, as well as the settings & index pages. Content flashes briefly on page load, but instantly disappears again.

I wondered if it might be something in my account - I did try different browsers, as well as logging out & clearing cookies & logging back in again in case it was some client side state thing. But no.

Feel free to poke around.

Hmm, works fine on beta in your account too. Lists open fine, index page too.

Could you please check Javascript console and create HAR file? Please send it via e-mail, do not post it here in forum.


@maxkir it was my stuff-up - an extension issue + not actually testing on multiple browsers where I thought I had (don’t ask - tired at the end of a long day !). It’s all working now.

Apologies for wasting your time.

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Cool, so I have nothing to worry for now :slight_smile:

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