Before you choose another project management software!

I am writing this post for those who have checked out the Checkvist software but find it unsatisfactory.

Well, esteemed reader!

You see that this software is good, but it lacks some features.

Am I right?

Here, there is no dependency, no Gantt Chart, almost nothing in this software. There’s Clickup, there’s Wrike. There are much better Gantt diagram management software options out there.

And why do I still recommend the Checkvist software?

I recommend this software not because it lacks a Gantt chart. I recommend this software not because many things are missing in it! I recommend this software because it simply works.

We, who have been working for many years, spending countless hours daily in the company with various project management tools, know what is fiction and what is reality.

There is no doubt about it. Checkvist can hardly do anything compared to the software mentioned earlier. But I ask, is this true? And my answer is, let’s first clarify what it means for a software to be able to do something and what it means for a software not to be able to do something.

So, what does it mean for a particular software to be able to do what is claimed in the mentioned text?

It means that the information stated by the marketing experts of the project management company is simply not true. I refer to the claims of marketers as lies because, in every case, it has been revealed over time that they are lies.

And when does a promise turn into a lie?

Well, it happens when this lie is the result of a conscious decision. All for the greedy software manufacturing company to make a lot of money. Whom should I mention? Clickup, Smartsuite? Because since 2005, I have tried many things, but every company lies, except for Checkvist!

Well, thoughtful reader,

Why did I stay WITHOUT Gantt Chart and many other features here, with this software known as Checkvist? There are many reasons why I am a subscriber here. I have used many project management tools, even more Gantt chart creators. Especially the Ganttpro software, behind which are fraudulent, lying cheaters.

I have many reasons for staying here, and to summarize them briefly, I can’t list all the reasons because there are so many that I am a user here. But here are a few reasons why this software called Checkvist is the best:

  • KIR and Sashika, the people behind the software, have hearts and assist in PRIVATE matters.

  • This software works 100%.

  • Checkvist can be controlled entirely with the keyboard.

  • Anything can be customized with CSS codes. Thus, EVERYTHING can be made perfect, and KIR, the founder, has helped me a lot, even though my request is not related to the use of the software. In other places, with other companies, they not only don’t help in my private matters but also don’t address software bugs.

  • The software’s monthly fee is perfect.

  • This software is incredibly fast.

  • It can be used perfectly from a mobile phone without the internet.

Well, you can see that there are very few things in this software. There is no Gantt Chart, no dependency, but there is something else!! This software works, while other software is bad and doesn’t work. On the other hand, those who have used Gantt charts extensively over the years, as company leaders, know that the Gantt chart architecture is bad, outdated, and confusing.

As an entrepreneur, I have used many online, rentable software applications. There was software among them that cost $150 per month. However, I have never encountered a software as user-friendly as Checkvist.

And esteemed reader, most importantly: Checkvist has never paid me to write positive things about this software. If the software creator had asked me to do so, I wouldn’t have. The reason is simple: for neither money nor gain, I do not lie, I do not deceive others. I know that elsewhere, references are paid for, but I am not interested in that.

If you think Checkvist is good but simple, please try other software as well. I have tried and practiced all of them, so I am well acquainted with each software. However, you can also listen to me and save a lot of time and frustration by choosing Checkvist based on my recommendation.


Because Checkvist works.

It is the first software that I am satisfied with because it is perfect.


AFAIK Checkvist is a LIST MANAGER. As far as I’m concerned, that is how I use it and I’m very satisfied with it AS A LIST MANAGER.

Beware of Zawinski’s Law!!!

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