Auto-select on F2

I feel that having the text auto-selected upon entering the edit mode presents a hazard. F2 must be followed by a cursor key, or the entire text will be replaced. When I want to edit an item, I usually am not looking to overwrite it completely. I’d prefer to simply have the cursor at the end of the text, with no selection. What do you think?

I’m used to this behavior in other programs, like Excel, but I don’t really have any preference for one or the other…

To start editing without a selection and the cursor at the end, use the keyboard shortcut “ea”. Similarly, to start with no selection and the cursor at the start, use “ei”. These are inspired by VI/VIM. The “i” is for Insert, and the “a” is for Append.
Reference: Checkvist help/reference


Wow. I thought I knew everything there is about entering the edit mode. I mean, ee or F2 is featured in the hints sidebar, as well as at the very beginning of the Reference. The other two are buried in the Keyboard Shortcuts section, which I admit, I did not study closely. I’m habituated to F2 by other programs, Excel among them.