Arrow keys for choosing the option when importing multiple lines

Please consider adding support for arrow keys (right, left) to choose the appropriate action when importing text:

Hi Ralf,

Hmm, why usual Tab/Shift+Tab does not work for you? Arrows for dialog buttons doesn’t look like a common pattern for me.


When you think of “browser dialog,” you are right. When you think of “Checkvist dialog,” you have already spoilt me: dd + arrow keys + enter, aa + arrow keys + enter, ll + arrow keys + enter, oo + arrow keys + enter. This is sooooo convenient. When importing text, I aways press the right arrow key first, before I remember: oops, tab.

Hi @Ralf, sorry for the delayed answer. Could you please try how it works on Not a complete solution, but probably it should be OK.

Update: already on production


VERY much ok. :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure. Thank you @maxkir.

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