Any way to Invalidate an item upon hitting enter?

This started out as a request to add features to comments, but I’m going to ask a different question instead. Is there any way, when creating an item, to have it be invalidated upon hitting Enter (or some key combination)?

Why I ask - and sort of what my original question/request was going to be about - I’ve always wanted to be able to rearrange comments and signify that a comment has been handled - so I’ve been using invalidated tasks as ‘comments’ to allow for rearranging. Other, actionable, ‘comments’ get added as regular items and then can be crossed out or invalidated as needed. I usually create a Comments node and turn Progress Counter on for that to track the number of ‘open’ items nested under it.

Any other approach that I might not have thought of or anything I’m missing? Any chance of an ‘invalidate upon submission’ shortcut?


Hello Ross,

I’m afraid there is no way to invalidate item upon submission. But you can use multiple selection to invalidate several items at once, would it work for you?

All the best,

Thanks for the reply @maxkir. After I created that post, I realized it’s probably a pretty unique use-case and probably not worthy of a shortcut, but I figured I’d leave it and see what you had to say. Multi-select may come in handy in some cases, though most are one-off items. I’ve been making do without it and I’ll continue to survive. :slight_smile:

Any chance that additional ‘Comment’ features are anywhere in your future plans?