Any sort of ETA on PRO team plan?

I’ve tried essentially every outliner app available and checkvist is the best keyboard only solution.

The only thing stopping me from going all in is my concern about data security. From my understanding it’s more or less a trust us thing which I get is common for most tech companies. Unfortunately my data was leaked in the previous Facebook breach so I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth since then because security breaches happen even with best intentions.

The pricing page says “Centralised data ownership”. Doesn’t seem to be too many details but I’m going to guess it means I can host it? Is local storage an option?

When the pro team plan comes out, will there be a minimum account sign up for it? I’d like to use it just for myself.


Hello @kkyang ,

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There are usually 2 main concerns about security:

  1. If the company looks into your data and shares it with third-parties
  2. if the service is secure enough to avoid breaches by the intruder

As for the first, privacy of your data and our access to it is covered by the privacy policy. We tried hard to make it readable, take a look. We don’t look into your account unless we have an explicit permission from you to do it.
We’re a very small company and the reputation is probably the only thing we have :slight_smile:

As for the second, data breaches could happen with any company. For more than 10 years, there were no data leaks we’d be aware of.

This is mostly about providing unified access to all lists in the account to all people in the team, and managing employee’s access. It is not about on-premises installation or local data storage.

Moreover, we didn’t plan to work on the local storage option, as Checkvist’s architecture relies on the server-side data due to its collaboration features.

Hope this answers your questions.

All the best,

Hi Kir,

In the past we had discussed about increasing password security by having 2 factor authentication (or google sign-in).
It would really provide a lot of peace of mind as we pro-users rely quite a lot on checkvist

Would be great if we can prioritize this.