An option to avoid overdue repeating tasks (poll)

Hello friends,

Recently we’ve got an e-mail from one of the users who evaluated the “repeating due” feature in Checkvist. He suggested that sometimes there is little sense to mark a daily repeating task as “overdue” because you still have to do this task the next day again. You may have several repeating tasks of this kind, like

  • Daily jogging
  • French language lessons on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays
  • Workout on Thursdays

If you miss such a task, there is little sense to mark them overdue. Having such overdue tasks on your due page is kind of depressing, and these tasks are on the regular schedule anyway.

But for a task like “Make a monthly bank payment” it is quite the opposite, if you miss this task, you should see this and close it explicitly.

To improve such scenario, we’ve added an option which allows skipping “overdue” status for repeating tasks. The option is now available on

Please try it out and let us know what you think. We’re going to release this feature the next week together with the new UI changes.

  • I’d use repeating tasks with no overdue
  • I don’t think it is valuable for me

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I would use it, but I do think about it differently: Due dates that are not met are overdue. That’s what it is, I did not complete. But some tasks are of the kind that floats silently to the next iteration because having them overdue makes no sense. (Maybe they count how often I did not complete them to make me remember.)

The notion of ”floating” in this context is due to CalenGoo, a calendar app.


Thanks for the feedback,

I was thinking about the counter of non-completed cases, but this requires noticeably more efforts. Maybe later.

Thanks for pointing out to CalenGoo, haven’t seen this app before. You’re right, their “floating events” are quite similar to the option we’ve added, but ‘floating task’ has a different meaning in PM world, so we might stick with our wordier description for now.

Thanks again,