AMOLED black for Checkvist mobile

It would be nice if the Checkvist mobile dark mode were black black, instead of just charcoal grey.

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You can set this in the browser. Several browsers allow it as an automatic choice. In Chrome it is a flag you can set. This website will show dark mode settings on several different OS applications.

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Hello Charlie,

Is there a specific reason for having black black there, or it is just a matter of taste?


It’s just some kind of minimalist aesthetic I suppose, to prefer pure black over nearly black.

Jeez, I came into this thread to bash the first reply for suggesting generic “Dark Mode”, even though you specifically asked for an AMOLED Black theme… but now I find it humorous that AMOLED has just become slang for a deep black and high-contrast theme :stuck_out_tongue:
AMOLED Black is supposed to be such a deep black, that AMOLED screen tech can essentially just power down the pixels in the area completely, sometimes seeing battery savings as high as 80 percent. These are the screens used in smartwatches, allowing them to have those always on watch faces, without completely draining the battery to hell. I just switched phones to a OnePlus 9 for exactly this benefit.
If you like the AMOLED app theming, and you don’t have an AMOLED screen, you’ll be amazed at how much easier on the eyes it is (both in the idiom sense and the literal one haha)


I just tried to use deep black background on the Checkvist mobile dark UI. It looks more contrast, but less nice, so to say. Needs noticeable tweaking of other elements and colors to make the design better, not such a quick task :frowning:

So we’ll probably postpone this so far, sorry.

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