Adding Time Tracking to Checkvist

To everybody interested in combining Checkvist with time tracking:

I recently discovered that it is rather simple to integrate Toggl with Checkvist through their browser extension which is available for Firefox and Chrome. The extension is open-source, so I forked the code and added support for Checkvist, primarily for my own benefit. But since there may be more Checkvist users interested in integrating Toggl with their lists, I filed a pull request and now announce it here.

The pull request has not yet been accepted or even reviewed. So I can’t be sure that Checkvist support will actually be included into the official Toggl browser extension. But of course, you may simply build the extension including my addition yourself.

I’m sure that there is still lot of room for improvement. So if you have any suggestions, just let me know. However, I should probably point out that my coding skills are even more limited than my time.

All the best,


Hi soremo,

Exciting, and thank you for sharing! I’m curious: would you be able to attach a screenshot of what it “looks like”, so we can get a better feel for how your Checkvist + Toggl integration works?

And could you elaborate on your use cases? I imagine that Toggl on its side will store how much time you spend on what, maybe if you need it for billing, or for your own reporting. Are you, with this integration, getting this information also stored in Checkvist? Or is it to avoid having to copy/paste tasks from Checkvist to Toggl?


Hi Alex,

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the description of the pull request includes screenshots and some explanation.

As you assumed, the extension does not provide Checkvist with time tracking capabilities. It merely adds buttons to the tasks of your Checkvist lists which you can then use to create and start/stop a timer that runs in Toggl and is automatically named after the respective task (also the timer’s project and tags are automatically set by deriving them from the Checkvist list, if they already exist in Toggl).

The time tracking takes place in Toggl and no information is returned to Checkvist, so the Checkvist lists remain completely unchanged. In my opinion, this is rather good, since I would not want any external service to mess with my lists. Also, I don’t see any advantage in returning time tracking information to Checkvist, since one would not be able to evaluate or process these data in Checkvist anyway.

So, yes, the extension may be regarded as a means to avoid having to copy/paste tasks from Checkvist to Toggl. However, what I consider more important is that I can also start/stop timers within Checkvist without having to switch to Toggl. On many working days I use just Checkvist to view my tasks, create new ones, check off the done ones - and to track the time if’ve spent on each one of them, while I open Toggl only from time to time when I need to review my tracked times.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Excellent soremo, this clarifies how your integration works, and, again, thank you for sharing!


I followed the instructions in the for your repo but Checkvist didn’t show up in the list of apps :frowning:

Hi @jordan_wingenroth,

in my repo, which is a fork of the official Toggl repo, I just added the code for the Checkvist integration, but didn’t change anything else, in particular I did not adapt the Therefore, if you’ve followed the Installing from Source intructions in, you’ve compiled the original version without my addtions.

To include the Checkvist integration you have to execute

git clone

(instead of git clone

Then enter the newly created directory toggl-button and switch to the checkvist-integration branch with

git checkout checkvist-integration

Then follow the rest of the instructions in

I hope this helps.

Ah yep, I forgot to check out the branch. That makes sense. Thanks!

Unfortunately, it seems like the old version of Toggl Button doesn’t sync with Toggl anymore. I get a 403 error when I try to log in. I wonder if transplanting your fork to the current version would fix that.

I went ahead and made your changes to the latest Toggl Button commit. It works for the most part, the style is just a bit off:

Thank you, @jordan_wingenroth, for pointing out that my Checkvist integration of the Toggl browser extension no longer worked. I’ve updated my pull request. Now, everything should work as before.

I’ve just tested the updated extension on my Toggl test list both with Firefox and Chrome, but I could not reproduce the style flaw shown in your screenshot. What is also strange is that the Toggl buttons should only appear for tasks that are selected or hovered (grey buttons) or for which a timer is running (red button), but your screenshot shows quite a lot of grey buttons for tasks that are not selected and cannot all be hovered at the same time. What browser did you use on what device?

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Your new pull request works as intended. Thanks for helping troubleshoot!

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Hello ! I use a different way to do my project and time Tracking. The time I spend on Checkvist is for me “overall” personal Organisation time and I don’t feel the need to deeper measure how much minutes I spent managing task of project B or Project C.

Instead I use to track my activity depending on Keywords found in Documents, E-mail I’m working on.

Timecamp offer a free plan that is 100% functional, very very nice, easy to use and very Accurate !