Add dates with UI support

I’m wondering if there is any UI support to add dates similar to the web version or do we need to type ^date (which requires us to memorize the syntax)?


Hello, thanks for asking.

Unfortunately, there is no simpler way yet, please vote for Simplify setting due date via some calendar widget or in other way – Checkvist issues, bugs, features ticket.

Kind regards,

I’ve tried to vote, but nothing happens when I click “1 Vote”. Is there any problem with Firefox? I even tried to use Edge to vote, but the click doesn’t have any action.

Could you please try using incognito mode?

Hmn, not working. I get the following error on the developer tools:

index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘form’ of undefined
at Function.staticRules (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at init.rules (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at e.validator.check (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at e.validator.checkForm (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at e.validator.form (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at HTMLFormElement. (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:6)
at HTMLFormElement.handle (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:2)
at HTMLFormElement.c (index-a016e70d99536555dc792548630537df19b3e1e48bbdddd273dc6e4d68c6c2ed.js:2)

Weird. I’m still not sure what could be the reason. I’ve just checked my FireFox on Mac and it works OK, both in incognito mode and without it. I use “Strict” tracking protection enabled, so it could not be a reason. Do you have any FF extensions which could prevent the site from working?