Add a tag cloud or other indication of tags within lists

It would be really useful to be able to see what tags are used within a list, and click on a tag to instantly show the relevant items.

A tag cloud, off to the right, would be great although, as a minimum, just a list of tags included in the general list information (‘i’ button) would also work.

Clicking on a tag should automatically enter the tag into the filter field at the top, thereby filtering the list to show items with that tag.

I’m aware that merely typing ‘#’ in the filter field will show ALL tags used throughout Checkvist, but what I’m looking for are tags used within the current list.

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Hello kimon,

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think how it can be improved. Also, we’ve seen your ticket in the uservoice :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention, that in the completion popup which is shown after # in the search field, on the first places we show tags used in this list, most used go first.

But there are also other, non-used tags there, too. And there is no separator. So there is definitely room for improvement.

Thanks again,

Hello Kimon,

A Checkvist user suggested to manually create this Cloud tag by adding a dedicated task at the top of the list with only the list of tags. If you use CSS code you can even get special formatting / color for each tag.

maybe a nice walk around !