Account renewal

Please see my emails dated July 30, August 3, and today (Sep. 14) about renewing my Pro account. Sorry to bother you on the forum, but I am concerned that my emails may not be reaching you. I have been a subscriber to Pro for eight years. My Pro account payment is always automatically sent via PayPal. It was sent on July 16, 2021 for 6 months but my Checkvist account downgraded from Pro to Free. Please upgrade my account to Pro. Thank you! Wells Anderson

Hello Wells Anderson,

I’m terribly sorry, that’s embarrassing. I’ve found your e-mails in the Spam box, looks like GMail associated your name with spam due to some reason. I’ll unmark your e-mails and will investigate the payment thing right now.


Hello again,

Looks like your payment on July 16 was incomplete due to partial maintenance this day, so your payment did not prolong the Checkvist PRO plan on that day :(((

Now, I’ve fixed this, PRO plan has been returned to you, and everything should be in order.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see your e-mail from July 30, and now it has already been deleted from the Spam folder.

I’m really sorry again for this unpleasant situation. I’ve refunded you 2 months of unused Checkvist PRO account.

Thanks a lot for using Checkvist,

Thank you so much for jumping right on this problem! I love Checkvist and appreciate your creating and maintaining it. I am happy that my Pro account is reinstated so I have the dark theme and all the other Pro features. Thank you for the fast assistance and continuing to support this excellent, powerful outliner!

FYI, I began using outliner software 36 years ago - ThinkTank by Dave Winer! I really appreciate all the key-based shortcuts in Checkvist - it is so efficient.

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