About the CSS Customisation category

You can customise Checkvist appearance with CSS (if you have a PRO account). We have collected some popular CSS snippets in a public list, https://checkvist.com/checklists/486715-checkvist-customization-css-samples

But if the customisation you want is not there, or if you are not sure how to use CSS, we’ll gladly help you. Please, post your question here :sunglasses:

As a side note to replacing/adding icons to tags here’s an interesting fact: you can use emoji in list names but you can’t in tags!

At least I couldn’t.

When I create a tag, like #prj-:soccer: it is not converted to a tag.

Hi @schultzter ,

sorry, tag names do not support emojis to do some technical issues. Not a trivial thing to fix due to some technical issues.


I’m a beginner who needs step by step instructions on how to add css to checkvist in order to change the font, numbering style, color, and spacing (UI) of my list. I see the snippets I need, but I have no idea how to begin adding them. Help please.



CSS customisation is done at the bottom of this page: https://checkvist.com/auth/profile#appearance

After adding/editing the CSS in the textarea, press “Save all” and you should be able to see the effect in your lists.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: