A simpler way to modify than using CSS?


I would like to suggest the creation of a simpler way to make modifications than CSS snippets.

I think I can see a drive to simplify, simplify, simplify while adding features; I just see a contrast between that and the geekery that is CSS snippets. I wonder how familiar the average Checkvist user is with Web development versus a pair of developers like yourselves who have spent years immersed in the jargon etc of CSS, html, and goodness knows what else.

The reason I have stayed with Checkvist after so many years is how perfect it is for the power user, its simplicity, its reliability and how great you two have been at supporting your users. I can’t help but feel loyalty to such a great product.

I’d be grateful if you could consider my suggestion,

Thank you


Dear Noel,

Thanks for the kind words. We definitely consider adding a more simple way for UI customisation than CSS tweaking. CSS is and always was an advanced technique, added for the power users.

The simplified way of tweaking UI is an open ticket, please vote for https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/2121-checkvist-web/suggestions/128817-allow-global-styling-by-the-user.

We’d definitely want to implement it at some point.