A mini List of Lists in a sidebar "drawer"?

I like Checkvist a lot! I would find it useful to have a mini list of lists in a left-hand sidebar. I don’t need all the list details, but I use one list per Big Project, and so it’s a reminder to see all the Big Projects. Maybe something like this, even in a hack, already exists?

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Hello @nutellacrepe ,

Thank you for the kind words! To quickly switch to another list you can use ll keyboard shortcut. Have you tried it? Checkvist is keyboard-oriented, so we try to keep such features on fingertips.

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I’m the past I’ve thought I might like something similar. But then I realized you can add a #tag to the List Name in order to group lists in your List View. 90% of the time, using “ll” to jump to a new list is sufficient, but in the event you do want to get a Birds Eye view of your Active Projects, you have it right there in the List View.

If you still feel the itch to have it always visible, you can download a browser like Arc (for Mac) or Opera (Mac & Windows) that allows you to view multiple tabs in Split View, and you could have your List View on one side and your active list on the other.


Thanks for the two suggestions. I tried Arc – looks very interesting! I find I still have a tendency to want to click in the “Visible Master List” and so the sublist opens in the left tab, and then I lose the visibility of the master list, I’m not sure if your suggestion means a) the master list is visible but I don’t click in it b) I set it up to open all clicks from the left-hand tab, in the right-hand tab.

I think I could use #tag more effectively, for things I call “projects”.

But I still wish for a left-hand list of projects. :smiley: