A little appreciation

I experience remarkably often the little jolt of pleasure that comes from seeing that a task has been cleverly anticipated by the designers and can be done very neatly. Today it’s the “Print Options” feature, which I don’t use often - but is incredibly useful when I do. I wanted to print a list with tags but without notes or due dates – and this feature makes that possible. Thanks!

(I invite others to add to this list!)


The documentation.

Well written, in-depth documentation like Chekvist’s shows a level of care that is all too rare. And when the documentation is done in by the core team, as is obviously the case with Checkvist, I think that team learns quite a bit: writing documentation makes inconsistencies, omissions, UI glitches (when taking screenshots) all that more obvious. And this contributes to a more consistent, more polished product, even if users don’t even know the documentation exists.

So, amongst other things, kudos for the doc! (Wasn’t it even refreshed recently, with newer screenshots?)



I absolutely agree. :slight_smile:

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Now this is an unexpected ‘feature’ to appreciate! Nobody reads the docs, that’s an axiom! :smiley:
Thank you so much and please be informed that you’ve just encouraged the next docs update :nerd_face:


I greatly appreciate the documentation, and as a new user, I refer to it often. But they have really outdone themselves yesterday with the introduction of the All-in-one command finder (shift-shift). BRAVO!

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Sorting! I’ve just been using it a lot - the flexibility and clarity of the sorting options is impressive.

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I agree about the sorting options. Overall, the keyboard shortcuts are what I appreciate most.