A little appreciation

I experience remarkably often the little jolt of pleasure that comes from seeing that a task has been cleverly anticipated by the designers and can be done very neatly. Today it’s the “Print Options” feature, which I don’t use often - but is incredibly useful when I do. I wanted to print a list with tags but without notes or due dates – and this feature makes that possible. Thanks!

(I invite others to add to this list!)


The documentation.

Well written, in-depth documentation like Chekvist’s shows a level of care that is all too rare. And when the documentation is done in by the core team, as is obviously the case with Checkvist, I think that team learns quite a bit: writing documentation makes inconsistencies, omissions, UI glitches (when taking screenshots) all that more obvious. And this contributes to a more consistent, more polished product, even if users don’t even know the documentation exists.

So, amongst other things, kudos for the doc! (Wasn’t it even refreshed recently, with newer screenshots?)



I absolutely agree. :slight_smile:


Now this is an unexpected ‘feature’ to appreciate! Nobody reads the docs, that’s an axiom! :smiley:
Thank you so much and please be informed that you’ve just encouraged the next docs update :nerd_face:


I greatly appreciate the documentation, and as a new user, I refer to it often. But they have really outdone themselves yesterday with the introduction of the All-in-one command finder (shift-shift). BRAVO!


Sorting! I’ve just been using it a lot - the flexibility and clarity of the sorting options is impressive.


I agree about the sorting options. Overall, the keyboard shortcuts are what I appreciate most.

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I’ve been using the “Move” (mm) option more - the ability to move an item not only to another list, but to a sub-item in the list, is extremely useful and well-implemented. (And, of course, it can also be used to move something quickly within the list you’re working on.)

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I happened to notice today that I’ve been using Checkvist since 2015! On and off, for sure, but mostly ‘on’ for the last 3 or 4 years. I had used various software for tasks and lists before that, but never a single one for so long. I do survey the field now and then, and have had a look at impressive platforms like Notion and Roam, and while they all have some great extra features, I find Checkvist hits a sweet spot for my uses. It’s simple enough not to consume too much attention, capable enough not to be frustrating, and has many ergonomic touches that make it a pleasure to use.

I would ‘appreciate’ different things on different days, but here are two things that jump out at me today.

Firstly, I find hoisting (/focusing/narrowing) crucial. I wish every editor had it. Without the simplicity it allows me to impose on large lists, I’d end up over-complicating things.

Secondly, the Web Clipper extension is really thoughtfully designed. The ability to choose where in a list to place a captured item, and add tags and dates inline, means I can usually just dump something in checkvist without having to do anything more with it until I have a use for the destination list.

A common theme to all this is Checkvist being an important part of my arsenal of tools for reducing the cognitive load of incidental or busywork stuff that needs addressing, but doesn’t merit my full attention now. That’s a truly valuable role for a piece of software.


I agree, the web clipper is terrific. I use it constantly now to clip snippets of news of other web information.