2 Factor Authentication

Hi - Is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) possible or on the feature backlog?

I would assume that for many users (especially PRO users), Checkvist is a serious and important tool to warrant this.
Feels strange to use 2FA for all my important accounts, except for Checkvist


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Hello, Saurabh,

Most probably, there will be an option to log in with your Google account.
That kind of closes the 2FA gap. Here’s the corresponding request to vote/watch


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That would be just perfect!

Incidentally 2FA authentication (via Google and others) is already enabled on this forum and also the checkvist uservoice page :slightly_smiling_face:

Now just to turn it on for the main checkvist login :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @sashka and @maxkir - just thought to follow-up on this request as it has been a while.
2FA (via Google or others) would really be fantastic and bring a lot of peace of mind for us.
I am not sure if there are additional costs involved, but I wouldn’t mind paying extra for that bit of security.

Hello @saurabhg9 ,

Great timing, right after the release, when we’re tailoring our future plans :slight_smile:

Seriously speaking, we will try to add 2FA to one of the coming updates, hopefully Q3. Looks like this feature is becoming more and more important.

Thanks for bringing more attention to this,


Thanks @maxkir - that sounds Great :+1:


We’ve started implementing this at https://beta.checkvist.com, for PRO customers.

@saurabhg9 could you please check how it works for you?


Hi @maxkir

First of all, thank you very much for this important feature!
I also appreciate making the 2FA more native and independent of google sign-in (which you had indicated was the earlier intention).

I have tested it out and once it was setup, it worked as it should.

Some observations -

  1. Could we also show the secret key (or show the QR as a “real” image instead of the HTML bits that are used to render the QR code). That will make it possible to “easily” add it to Winauth (which is a common and widely used authenticator tool for the windows desktop).

  2. I don’t know if it has to do with the rendering of the QR code, but it was not very easy to add to Microsoft authenticator, had to take many retries before it was able to scan it. It usually has gone easier with other QR codes on other websites. Showing the secret key (mentioned above) will make it easier when there is a problem scanning QR codes.

And a suggestion -

  1. It might be handy to have a “Checkvist” app icon available, so people can add it to their authenticators (to identify & distinguish Checkvist from other 2FA enabled websites).
    I have currently snagged the un-official checkvist icon from here
    e.g. my WinAuth authenticator list looks like this -

I don’t have anything to add here particularly, but for the record it’s working fine for me (Firefox + Authy on Windows 10)

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Hello @saurabhg9 ,

Thanks a lot for the insights and the suggestion. I had no issues adding CV to Windows Authenticator, it is strange for me that it did not work. We’ll add the secret code for a case if QR does not work.

Good idea about the icon, we’ll have to investigate on how to provide it for the QR code.

Hope to fix all this by the release, thanks again!

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